Book and Listening Center

Children love to revisit familiar books, so after story books or predictable texts have been read at least twice to the whole group, copies should be placed in the book center. If recordings of familiar books are available, they should be put in the listening center along with other readings of children’s books. And let’s not forget new books. Children get excited when they discover a book in the center that’s new to them. For some simple stories, having felt figures of the characters, puppets, or stick puppets allows children to retell the stories. Theme-related informational texts that have been introduced by the teacher enable children to explore topics further.


  • Book shelf
  • Soft materials (pillows, rugs, bean bags, etc.)
  • Variety of books (various themes and types)
  • Puppets
  • Flannel board stories
  • Cassette, CD, or MP3 player with headsets
  • Labeled storage (photo + text)
  • Writing materials