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Talk With Me Baby: TWMB @ Birthing Centers

IACET Accredited
0.2 CEUs 1.5 Training Hours

This course, created for Cox Campus in partnership with Grady Hospital in Atlanta, prepares maternal and infant health staff to coach new and expectant families on the Talk With Me Baby practices and principles. Learners will understand why hospitals should include language nutrition coaching in their standard of care and gain the skills needed to make a difference in the lives of every baby and family they encounter. Learners will explore exemplars of language nutrition elements, opportunities staff have to nourish babies with language and coach families throughout their typical workday, and common misconceptions that negatively impact the delivery of healthy language nutrition to babies.

100% Free
Time to complete
1.5 Hours
Provides a
Certificate of Training
Recommended for
  • Nurses and other healthcare staff and volunteers that provide patient care within the division of maternal and infant care of a birthing hospital.
By the End of This Course You’ll Be Able To
  • Learners will recognize the importance of early language and literacy skills in long-term outcomes.
  • Learners will understand the key elements of good language nutrition and be able to provide it to all babies they encounter.
  • Learners will be able to identify popular myths and misconceptions that can impede adults from providing good language nutrition to children.
  • Learners will understand how to coach families on language nutrition using Talk With Me Baby practices and principles.
  • Learners will understand the critical role they play in ensuring every baby leaves the birthing hospital in the arms of families prepared to support their baby’s early language and literacy skills.
Why It Matters
  • When hospitals follow the principles and practices of TWMB, a) families and caregivers leave the hospital prepared to nourish their child’s social, emotional and linguistic development, and b) babies leave the hospital on a path to read proficiently by 4th grade.

How it Works

  • Learn at Your Own Pace

    You don’t have to finish the course all in one sitting. In fact, we recommend you take this course a little bit at a time, incorporating what you’ve learned in the classroom.

  • Earn IACET CEUs

    In order to pass and receive IACET CEUs for this course, you will first need to complete all the lessons, then complete the end of course assessment with a score of 80% or higher.

  • Free Guided Resources

    As you go through a course, we’ll introduce you to free resources that will help you implement what you’re learning.

  • Never Learn Alone

    Have a question on what you’re learning in the course or how to use a resource? Reach out to the Cox Campus community for advice or to lend a helping hand to others.


  1. Lesson 1

    TWB Lesson 1: Redefining the Standard of Care

     Duration 13  minutes
    Every child deserves to read. Reflect on reading as a critical life skill that impacts academic achievement, long-term health and financial stability and explore the illiteracy crisis in America.
  2. Lesson 2

    TWB Lesson 2: Words Make a Difference

     Duration 20  minutes
    Babies learn about the world through their relationships with the adults in their lives. Understand the importance of early language exposure and discover simple strategies to build all babies’ brain with language.
  3. Lesson 3

    TWB Lesson 3: Debunking Common Misconceptions with Science

     Duration 15  minutes
    Not everything you hear about how babies learn language is true. This lesson is all about common myths and misconceptions about language development.
  4. Lesson 4

    TWB Lesson 4: Supporting All Families

     Duration 33  minutes
    Coaching families on language nutrition concepts and skills will empower families to be their baby’s conversational partners. In this lesson, you will learn how to coach families and have an impact on their lives that continues long after they leave your care.
  5. Lesson 5

    TWB Lesson 5: Make the Difference

     Duration 12  minutes
    Every adult has the power to ensure all babies are on a path to literacy. Staff and family members share why providing language nutrition in the birthing hospital is so important.
  6. Lesson 6

    TWB Lesson 6: End of Course Assessment

     Duration 30  minutes
    In this lesson, you will take the end-of-course assessment and post-course survey. You must score 80% or higher to pass the assessment and receive your certificate of completion.   

Your Facilitators

  • Cynthia Engram
    BSN RN
    Cynthia is a veteran nurse with 31 years of experience as a Medical/Surgical Nurse, School Nurse, Neonatal ICU Nurse, Travel Nurse, and Nurse Navigator. She is a passionate advocate for patients and their families and ensures her patients are comfortable, respected, and receive excellent care.
  • Alvanetta Riley
    MSN RN
    Alvanetta is a visionary nurse leader with 15 years of registered nursing experience and many more years of caring for the well-being of others.  She specializes in maternal-child/pediatric care and the careful construction of systems that support and improve the delivery of nursing care. She believes that loving care is a universal language that some demonstrate with fluency, and others must learn.

Success Stories

  • "The Cox Campus will give you practical tools to dramatically benefit the children in your classrooms, giving them the power to be successful in elementary school and well beyond."
  • "I love the Cox Campus courses because I am able to log on at my convenience and learn a little more information to help me be a better teacher/caregiver and even a better parent."
    Infant/Toddler Teacher
  • "I have experienced more meaningful conversations with my students and have seen them flourish in literacy due to the incorporation of strategies I’ve learned."
    Pre-K Teacher


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