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Unit 1: Emotions for K - 1st Grade

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  1. Lesson 1

    Pop-Up: Emotions K - 1st Day 1

     Duration 24  minutes
    Let's read "My Cold Plum Lemon Pie Bluesy Mood" and then explore emotions in an interactive theater workshop.
  2. Lesson 2

    Pop-Up: Emotions K - 1st Day 2

     Duration 30  minutes
    Learn about journaling in morning meeting, play some games to make new words stick, then travel back to the beach with Ms. Cheryl.
  3. Lesson 3

    Pop-Up: Emotions K - 1st Day 3

     Duration 17  minutes
    It’s all about poetry today. Hear a beautiful poem by Gary Soto and then learn how to write your own poem with teaching artist Maya Lawrence.
  4. Lesson 4

    Pop-Up: Emotions K - 1st Day 4

     Duration 22  minutes
    It’s our last day to enjoy "My Cold Plum Lemon Pie Bluesy Mood" and we bet you’re ready to retell the story by yourself.
  5. Lesson 5

    Pop-Up: Emotions K - 1st Day 5

     Duration 5  minutes
    Check out the poem we all wrote together. It’s really something special.


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