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Literacy and Justice Bundle: Exercise (Older Toddlers)

Literacy and Justice Bundle: Exercise (Older Toddlers)
Our experts have selected supporting resources for Older Toddlers for the month of July.

Inquiry Statements:
  • Why do we move?
  • How do we move?
  • How does moving and caring for our bodies help us to feel joy, to be connected, to encourage and inspire ourselves and others?
  • How can we use movement to change the world?
Anchor Books: 
  • These Hands by Hope Lynne Price
  • Hands Can by Cheryl Willis Hudson
  • I Am Yoga by Susan Verde
  • My First Yoga: Fun and Simple Yoga Poses for Babies and Toddlers by DK
Bundle Includes: 
1 Curriculum Support Guide
2 Extension Activity Bubble maps